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Permanent Makeup

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is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment done with a manual hand tool that consists of very fine needles, that we dip in pigment to make precise thin natural looking hair strokes.  Each stroke is placed within the individually designed and drawn frame that most compliments each client's face shape and personality.  Our goal is to match the natural flow and shape of each client's existing hair or to create fullness where needed. You should experience little to no pain with the numbing cream we apply. We do not recommend this service to the following : Those pregnant or breastfeeding due to inks being deposited into the skin. 

Those with very oily skin or large pores as the inks could oxidize and expand causing gray or blue undertones and blurry lines.

 Ineligible For Microblading

  • Very oily skin, large pores, sensitive or thin skin.(microshading or combo brows is a great option in this case)

  • Shingles, psoriasis or eczema skin diseases within the area of procedure/treatment.

  • Anyone under 18 years of age

  • Keloid disorder.

  • Pregnant or nursing.

  • Makeup allergies.

  • HIV/Hepatitis.

  • skin cancer.

  • hemophilia.

  • Accutane or steroid use.


 is a great option for oily skin.  Microshading is a technique that is done with a machine and needle cartridges giving light pixilations to the skin that can have varying degrees of saturation from light, soft powder brows to deeply defined brows. Microblading comes with greater limitations than that of microshading which makes  microshading a great option for people with very oily skin, large pores, sensitive or thin skin. It is also the proceedure of choice for those wanting a very defined brow for that bolder look, or a softly filled in powder brow for a more natural look. When done in combination with microblading it can add  the look of dimension and density to the brows while also giving the appearance of individual hairstrokes.

Appt. Prep:

A week prior avoid blood thinners via doctor approval as well as alcohol and retinol.

Appt. Time:

Allow up to three hours.

Healing Time:

30 days to completely heal, although most of the healing takes place within the first two weeks.


Avoid sun, sweat, water and exfoliants of any kind including retinol. We provide an after-care treatment/guide bag.



We use high quality pigment lines  to ensure that your results last and heal true to color. Any issues with the first appointment regarding flaking, peeling and or loss of color will be addressed at the touch up appointment. It's our priority that you get the best results possible.

While everyone's skin responds differently to ink and healing, we ensure the best possible scenario on our end by using pigments that are leading the PMU industry standards. 


Brow mapping is an integral part of the process of both microblading and microshading.

We use several tools to ensure the shape is the most flattering to your face and best frames your eyes while creating facial symmetry.

Careful measures are taken to assure the eye appears more lifted and open.

We measure and map each aspect of the face and eye to ensure you receive the most esthetically pleasing results.


It's very important during the first hour to take proper precautions against lymph build up. This will ensure the integrity of the brow healing process and color retention.  Gentle, light washing daily of the brows with the provided After Bubbles will promote healing and prevent infection. We provide a healing balm to soothe and reduce any possible irritation. Along with your aftercare bag you will get a full list of activities and things to avoid as well as what to expect during your healing process.


I will be there to answer any questions you have during and after the healing process!

I love what I do and want to ensure I give the best results possible, so you can have your dream brows!

If you have any other questions about this process or what technique will be best suited for you. You can always give me a call, send me an email, or stop by Bare Beaute Lounge so I can answer any questions you might have. 

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